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We care for your dental health with a great compassion & understanding so that you can have the best smile.

Patient Concerns

The smile never fades on our doctors’ faces as they always want to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable.

CPD Dental Educator

Dr Martin is actively involved in CPDs for helping our general dentists to improve their knowledge and skills in endodontics aspect of dentistry.

Infection Control

To protect our patients and ourselves, we strictly maintain Infection control in our practice.

Dr Martin Habibi

DDS – DClinDent (UWA)
Specialist Endodontist – MRACDS (Endo)

Graduated from UWA in 2019 as a specialist Endodontist.

More than 15 years of general dentistry experience.


Gippsland is my second hometown and all my Australian memories were made up there.


Experience in teaching, as well as, clinical tutoring at Melbourne University, Western Australia University dental School.


Published different topics in well known global dental journals.

Member of Australian Society of Endodontology, Australian Dental Association, RACDS Royal Australian college of Dental Surgeons.

I am also an associate with Chatswood Dental Specialist, Gentle Endodontics. I mainly focus on auto transplantation cases. I do work 2 days in a fortnight there.


I am actively involved in teaching general dentists and dental students with hands on courses.

My love for nature has led me to become a nature conservative. Additionally, I am a member of Field and Game Australia.
My family and I moved to Canberra because we wanted to be closer to our extended family. My Wife and only Son are pleasantly enjoying this beautiful city.

Dr Chris Punch


Having enjoyed my early years in Western Australia, I graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1980 from the same year as Professor Paul Abbott.


After enjoying general dentistry, I decided I understood the excellence in endodontics and completed my Master’s specialist programme in 1997 at the University of Melbourne.


Some time with the RAAF was completed before commencing practice in the ACT for 18 years.


This central location also allowed better access for many rural and coastal patients.


I am a member of the Australian, Dental Association, The Australian Endodontic Society and the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists.


Achieving sound Endodontic outcomes is the basis for maintaining damaged teeth.


A considerate environment for the patients is a very important part of this care.

Committed To Excellence

Services at ACT Endodontics

Root Canal Therapy

Our Root canal treatment is straightforward and has a high degree of predictability to it. Predictability always comes with a good diagnosis which is the main core of our practice. 

Endodontic Re-treatment

Treated teeth may develop a new infection many years after treatment. The main reason behind this is the breakdown of the existing restoration or cracks, which allow the bacteria to infect the roots again.

Cracked Tooth Treatment

Cracked teeth show a variety of symptoms. Some examples may include erratic pain when chewing, or when your tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Management of Traumatic Dental Injuries

Traumatic dental injuries can include fracture of the tooth, dislodgement of the tooth or, in severe cases, complete loss of the tooth.

Our Team

Our team is there to ensure your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


Treatment Coordinator


Marinella has been working along side an Endodontist for 12 years. With her experience and expertise she will ensure to look after our patients with the highest level of care.
She is always available to help with any questions and her organised and kind personality will mean that you feel happy and welcome at the practice.Marinella sees the coordination between treatments and front office to ensure that your treatment plan is as seamless as possible


Dental Assistant


Edenie is a certified clinical dental assistant with almost 4 years of experience working alongside an Endodontist.

She is committed to a continuous learning with high passion for dental world especially in clinical side.

Edenie welcome patients in the surgery with high standard care, attention to details and professionalism.




Anahita is a recent school graduate who is currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

Her favourite part about being a receptionist is meeting new faces and being a friendly face for patients who may be nervous upon entering the practice.

In her spare time, she enjoys baking healthy treats, exercising and of course hanging out with family and friends.

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